The requirement for the registration of stata

Memo to authors

The journal accepts articles that have the following essential elements (the Decree of the Presidium of VAK of Ukraine dated 15.01.03 No. 97-05/1):

  • problem statement in General view and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent researches and publications which initiated solving this problem and relied upon by the author; 
  • selection of the unsolved parts of generic problem, which is dedicated to this article;
  • formulation purposes of article (problem);
  • main material research with full justification of scientific results;
  • the findings of this study and perspectives for further research in this direction.

Editorial Board of the journal appeals to authors with a request to submit articles prepared according to the following structure:

 Text should be typed in MS Word text editor according to the following requirements:

page setup – format the “Other” 17×26 cm; the spacing from the edge to the text: top – 2cm, bottom – 2,5 cm, left – 2,0 cm, right 2,0 cm

UDC: upper-left corner, font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt Authors (P. I. Would, academic degree, place of work): font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, left alignment.

The title of the ARTICLE: font-Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, bold, capital letters, indent the first line 1.27 cm, line spacing single, centered.

main text – font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, indent of first line – 1,27 cm, alignment – justified, Normal style, single line spacing.

The article can be structured: the name of the sections in bold.

Editor of formulas MS Equation 3.0 style: “Text”, font: Times New Roman; “Matrix-vector”, “Number”, “Function”, “Variable” – font Times New Roman, inclined; “Page. Greek”, “PR. the Greek” – the Symbol font, tilted; the “Symbol” font Symbol. Size: “the Usual” – 14 pt, “Large index” – 9 pt, “Small index” – 7 pt, “Large symbol — 14 pt, “Small symbol – 12 pi, the Equalization formula – center, numbering of formulas on the right edge.

The table must have a number and a hyphen – the name. Font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, left alignment. The table does not break , the orientation of the table – only the book.

The Illustrations are prepared by means of computer graphics (except photos). All illustrations should be referenced in the text, numbered with Arabic numerals (1,2,…) in order of appearance in the text. Illustrations should have: the words “figure”, a number and a name (with a hyphen) and placed below the figure. Inscriptions on drawings should be done with a font size of 12…8 pt. The thickness of lines not less than 0,5 pt. Drawings and photographs should be inserted in the text of the article and dodatkowo submitted in separate files in the format *.tif, *.CA.

References to the literature must follow in the order of their appearance in the text. The reference number in square brackets must follow some statement, position or by name of the author. LITERATURE – Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, alignment centered. Text – font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, no indents and protrusions. The description of references should include: author’s name and initials (if the number is less than three authors, you should cite all authors, and if more – then the name of the first, and“so on.”); for journals, specify the article title, journal, volume, number, month and year of publication, page number, inclusive. For books to indicate the authors , title, volume, name and place of publication, year and number of pages.

Pay attention to the lack of punctuation at the end of the floor, information about authors, name headings, tables, text under the picture captions and word LITERATURE.

Annotations in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, German – akremi paragraphs) should be presented after the title of the ARTICLE. Text – font Times New Roman Cyr 12 pt, justified alignment. The volume of 50-70 words.

The List of materials sent to the editorial office:

1. The article ,printed on white paper using a laser printer (600 dpi) in two copies and signed by all authors. The volume of articles up to 10 printed pages.

2. Art, drawings, abstract in electronic form as separate files on the CD-ROM.

3. Expert conclusion about possibility of publication.

4. Application with information about authors (service or home address, telephone number, email address, place of work, academic degree and title).

5. To fulfill the requirements of section 7 of the resolution of HAC of Ukraine dated 10.02.99 №1-02/3 articles getters on the theme of dissertation are published in the journal solely on the recommendation of the Academic Council of the scientific institution, organisation or higher education institution where studies or works by the applicant.