Hoisting and transport equipment, 2021, №1(65)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.1.65.2021
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  3. Romasevych Yu. O., Loveikin V. S., Pilipenko A. P., Makarets V. V. – Synthesis of the optimal controller of the “crane-load” system movement. Part 2 – P. 4-16
  4. Chovnyuk Y. V., Ostapushchenko O. P., Kravchuk V. T., Kravchenko I. M. – Application of a various model length for dynamic elastic ropes waves analysis of elastic ropes. I. – P. 17-30
  5. Skrypnyk V. S., Bekish I. O., Nishchuk V. V., Burava A. S. – Energy loading of self-ventilated discs with cooling elements of vehicle brakes(part 2) – P. 31-45
  6. Volobueva T., Sirota V., Stepanov O., Venher A. – Improving vehicle driving skills with the help of specialized technical means – P. 46-55
  7. Malashchenko V. O., Solohub B. V., Pasika V. R., Danylo Ya. Ya. – Method of calculating the stressed and deformed condition of the train and carrying rope of the cable road – P. 56-65
  8. Ventsel Ye. S., Shchukin O. V., Orel O. V. – Anti-wear and corrosion protection oils with additives infineum c9425 – P. 66-74
  9. Mykhaylov Ye., Fayez Jamli – Stand for research of robot-manipulator control algorithms – P. 75-89