Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №1(62)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.1.62.2020
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  3. Loveikin V. S., Romasevich Yu. A., Stekhno A. V. – Starting mode optimization of the tower crane luffing mechanism – P. 4-18
  4. Fidrovska N. M., Pisartsov O. S., Nesterenko V. V. – Determination of the influence of geometric parameters of rope units on the durability of rope – P. 19-28
  5. Boyko А. A., Semeniuk V. F., Sokolov Y. A., Zubak V. V. – Features to increase efficiency elevator winches of a traditional construction – P. 29-43
  6. Shanina Z. M., Martovytsʹkyy L. M., Hlushko V. I. – Evaluation of dynamic characteristics to the process of treatment of runtu with tooth parts – P. 44-50
  7. Tkachov A. V., Tkachov O. A. – Influence nature external load influence on the rigidity of major beams – P. 51-60
  8. Pasika V. R., Malaschenko V. O., Koruniak P. S. – Design of belt conveyors with expanded functionality – P. 61-69
  9. Кolisnyk M. P., Berezyek A. M., Zaits H. V, Shevchenko A. F., Chervonoshtan А. L. – Physical basis of stability of self-propelled cranes with rigid boom suspension during abrupt removal of cargo – P. 70-83
  10. Loveykin V. S., Chovniuk Yu. V., Kadykalo I. O. – Optimisation of dynamic loads in elastic elements of load lifting cranes with different methods of lifting. Part 3 – P. 84-98
  11. Vasilyeva O. E. – Research of influence of structural elements and shapes of lifting gearbox releases on their reliability – P. 99-110
  12. Semenjuk V., Derevianchenko O., Vudvud O., Lingur V. – Development of the method of monitoring the slipping of a complete conveyor coupling tapes – P. 111-121