Hoisting and transport equipment, 2021, №2(66)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.2.66.2021
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  3. Loveikin V. S., Romasevych Yu. A., Pilipenko A. P., Mushtyn D. I. – Experimental studies of simultaneous movement of slewing and trolley movement mechanisms of tower crane. Part 2 – P. 4-19
  4. Kyrychenko I. G., Reznikov O. O., Rosenfeld M. V., Momotov A. V., Shalamov M. A., Kokhan I. R. – Method to deterine stability of mobile elevating work platforms in transport mode – P. 20-29
  5. Chovnyuk Y. V., Ostapushchenko O. P., Kravchyuk V. T., Kravchenko I. M. – Stationary phase method application in the longitudinal stress pulses dispersion analysis in ropes of the crane hoisting mechanisms – P. 30-40
  6. Semenyuk V. F., Strilets O. R., Malashchenko V. O., Sologub B. V. – 3-d modeling of dimensions of drive elements for controlling the speed of movement through the gear of a gear differential with closed hydro – P. 41-48
  7. Loveykin, V. S., Romasevich Yu. O., Spodoba O. O. – Experimental studies of motion modes of the loader crane. Part 2 – P. 49-61
  8. Кolisnyk M. P., Berezyek A. M., Shevchenko A. F., Zaiats H. V, Chervonoshtan А. L. – Substantiation of the construction solutions of driving drums of the belt conveyors with lateral screwed surfaces – P. 62-70
  9. Fidrovska N. M., Pisartsov O. S., Nesterenko V. V. – Research influence of the deflection angle of a rope on its durability – P. 71-79
  10. Kovalenko V., Stryzhak V., Iglin S., Kovalenko O., Stryzhak M. – Dynamic characteristics of the crane rotation mechanism on the column – P. 80-100