Hoisting and transport equipment, 2019, №2(61)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.2.61.2019
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  3. Gryhorov О. V., Anishchenko G. O., Petrenko N. O., Strizhak V. V., Turchyn O. V., Radchenko V. S., Okun A. O., Glushkovа M. Yu. – Improvement of crane steel structures work the way of applying of hydraulic drive and some other solutions in mechanisms of movement and slewing – P. 4-25
  4. Semenyuk V.F., Vudvud O. M. – Hydraulic resistance influence on the spring-hydraulic shock absorber efficiency – P. 26-34
  5. Malashchenko V. O., Strilets V. M., Andrushkov V. I., Strilets O. R., Sharan A. S. – The structure, principle of operation and calculation of the flange-pin elastic coupling – P. 35-44
  6. Loveykin, V. S., Romasevich Yu. A., Kadykalo I. O. – The reason of boundary condition of movement in the objective optimization of the mode swing operation of a jib crane – P. 45-59
  7. Mykhaylov Ye., Kniukh O., Kozerovska V. – Stand for research of mechatronic devices of logistics systems – P. 60-74
  8. Chayun I. M., Vovk P. E. – Threading of a thread located on a screw line during a cylindrical surface – P. 75-82
  9. Loveykin, V. S., Romasevich Yu. O., Spodoba O. O. – Mathematical model of dynamics change length of the crane arm system of a crane-manipulator – P. 83-92
  10. Kovalevskyi S. G., Yaryzhko A. V., Krasnokutskyi V. M. – Research of stresses in metal structure of the tractor frame by semi-trailer scraper – P. 93-103