Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №3(64)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.3.64.2020
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  3. Semenjuk V. F., Protsenko V. O. – Development prospects energy-absorbing mechanisms with intermediate rolling elements – P. 4-14
  4. Loveikin V. S., Romasevych Yu. A., Pilipenko A. P., Mushtyn D. I. – Experimental studies of simultaneous movement of slewing and trolley movement mechanisms of tower crane. Part 1 – P. 15-26
  5. Volchenko O. І., Skrypnyk V. S., Zhuravlev D. Yu., Vudvud О. М, Мalyk L. B. – Energy loading of self-ventilated discs with cooling elements of vehicle brakes (part 1) – P. 27-36
  6. Nemchuk O. O. – Application of the electrochemical method for a prediction of in-service degradation of port crane steels – P. 37-44
  7. Romasevych Yu. O., Loveikin V. S., Pilipenko A. P., Makarets V. V – Synthesis of the optimal controller of the „crane-load” system movement. Part 1 – P. 45-53
  8. Chovnyuk Y. V., Ostapushchenko O. P., Kravchenko I. M. – Crane trolley with flexible load suspention parameters influence analysis on the optimal dynamic movement mode. II. Nonlinear model – P. 54-65
  9. Martovytskyi L. M., Sochava A. I., Glushko V. I., Shanina Z. M., Federyakin І. О. – Transformation of lifting and crane cranes in work – P. 66-80
  10. Ivanenko O. I., Krupko I. H., Yermakova S. O. – Theoretical studies of the tower crane sustainability in view of loads disttribution on its supports – P. 81-95
  11. Malashchenko V. O., Strilets V. M., Andrushkov V. I., Strilets O. R – Structure, principle of operation and calculations of the flange-pin elastic safety coupling with a supply of free movement – P. 96-108