Hoisting and transport equipment, 2019, №1(60)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.1.60.2019
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  3. Gryhorov О. V., Turchyn O. V., Anishchenko G. O., Petrenko N. O., Strizhak V. V., Radchenko V. S. – Lateral forces acting on wheels of bridge cranes and some methods for their decrease – P. 4-15
  4. Semeyuk V. F., Vudvud O. M. – Spring rigidity influence on the spring-hydraulic shock absorber efficiency – P. 16-25
  5. Protsenko V. O. – Bases of fastening fittings for positive mechanisms for closure of bathrooms – P. 26-35
  6. Pogrebnyak R. P., Pogrebnyak M. R. – Cinematic synthesis of crystal-summary mechanism for the power industry of transmission of movement – P. 36-45
  7. Loveikin V., Romasevych Yu., Krushelnitsky V. – System of optimal control of bridge crane movement – P. 46-58
  8. Маlashchenkо V. O., Semenyuk V. F., Strilets O. R. – Analysis of powerful dependences of millennium crossing musts with thermal accountability – P. 59-73
  9. Chovnyuk Y. B., Kravchuk V. T., Komotckaya S. Y., Marchenko O. A, Kadikalo I. O. – Analysis of long-term rollers in the long-term conveyer of the conveyor, transferred by retail bottles: two-way form for solving the problem – P. 74-80
  10. Tkachuk K. V., Suglobov V. V. – Determination of wind loads acting on the boom change mechanism – P. 81-90