Hoisting and transport equipment, 2022, №1(67)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.1.67.2022
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  2. Content
  3. Yaglinsky V. P., Gutyrya S. S. – Theory of dimensions in determining the criteria of industrial robots – P. 4-16
  4. Sorokivsky O. I. Shvedov V. M. – Development of the design of the installation for investigation of motor oils – P. 17-28
  5. Mykhaylov Ye., Vudvud O., Syvokin S., Shvets B. – Research of algorithms and navigation means for warehouse transport system – P. 29-41
  6. Malashchenko V.O., Solohub B.V., Danylo Ya.Ya. – Modeling of structural features and the principle of functioning of the suspended cable road with a traction rope – P. 42-51
  7. Chovnyuk Y., Ostapushchenko O., Kravchyuk V., Kravchenko I. – Application of a variable length rod model for elastic ropes waves of load lifting cranes dynamic analysis. II. – P. 52-62
  8. Chervonoshtan А. L., Кolisnyk M. P., Shevchenko A. F. – Structures of dynamic and mathematical models of self-propelled jib cranes under different external disturbances for compiling computerized programs – P. 63-77
  9. Kindratskyy B., Osmak O. – To the question of N1 category electric vehicles suspension structure and parameters substination – P. 78-87
  10. Protsenko V. O., Marynchenko D. O. – Structural perfection of tangent-type mechanism of ram-type marine steering gears increasing – P. 88-96
  11. Chayun I. M., Vovk P. E. – The influence of the parameters of the tensiondeformation diagram of the wire on the characteristics of the limit states of ropes – P. 97-106
  12. Volobueva T. V., Sirota V. M., Minakov V. M., Volobuev D. O. – Ergonomic assessment of the possible number of training cycles necessary to train a driver to a given level – P. 107-112