Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №2(63)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.2.63.2020
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  3. Fidrovska N. M., Slepuznikov E. D., Carrier I. A. – Determination of strength three-layer cylindrical shell – P. 4-11
  4. Loveikin V. S., Romasevych Yu. A., Mushtyn D. I. – Optimization of the luffing of the tower crane during a continuous speed of its slewing – P. 12-26
  5. Lavryk V. P., Suhlobov V. V., Shishkin V. V., Loza A. V. – Enhancement of operational reliability and durability of working bodies of excavator ECG-5 – P. 27-34
  6. Ventsel Ye. S., Yevtushenko A. V., Shchukin O. V., Orel O. V. – Determination of the minimum allowable concentration of DF-11 appendix in the working fluid of hydraulics – P. 35-45
  7. Chovnyuk Yu. V., Ostapushchenko O. P., Kravchenko I. M. – Crane trolley with flexible load suspention parameters influence analysis on the optimal dynamic movement mode. I: Linear model – P. 47-57
  8. Avrunin G. A., Pimonov I. G., Zherelii O. I., Kapustina K. V. – Analysis of the dynamics of a volume hydraulic drive of the DZk250B grader – P. 58-80
  9. Chayun I. M., Vovk P. E. – Calculation of ropes for strength by the extreme elastic state – P. 81-93
  10. Vol'chenko A. I., Skrypnyk V. S., Volchenko N. A., Vitvitskiy V. S., Nasirova N. N. – Convective heat exchange wet pairs of friction of disc brake brakes of vehicles – P. 94-106
  11. Tkachuk K. V., Suglobov V. V. – Provided computer simulated modeling in experimental additional portal cranes – P. 107-115