Hoisting and transport equipment, 2023, №1(68)

DOI номера: 10.15276/pidtt.1.68.2023
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  2. Content
  3. Semenyuk V. F., Linhur V. M., Vudvud O. M. – The method of enhancing the accuracy of overload protection for the hoisting mechanism of overhead cranes – P. 4-16
  4. Heletiy V. M., Korendiy V. M., Pasika V. R. – Determination of kinematic and loading parameters of transport systems of vertical storage – P. 17-27
  5. Mykhaylov Ye., Lingur V., Antykhovych D., Nyrkov M. – Research of algorithms and means of movement for warehouse transport system – P. 28-38
  6. Melnikova L. V., Shestaka A. I., Boyko A. O. – Questions of modernization of the electric drive for portal crane rotation mechanism – P. 39-55
  7. Pohrebniak R. P. – Rational kinematic synthesis and structural analysis of the guide bearing central slide-crank mechanism of the gripping device – P. 56-70
  8. Mykhaylov Ye. P, Vudvud O. M, Syvokin S. V., Shvets B. R. – Research of algorithms and equipment for navigation of mobile robots using computer simulation – P. 71-86
  9. Malashchenko V. O., Semenyuk V. F., Lysiak B. R. – Parameters of double action ball overturn coupling – P. 87-94
  10. Kovalenko V. O., Kovalenko O. O., Stryzhak V. V., Iglin S. P., Stryzhak M. G. – Synthesis of multimass model of tower crane – P. 95-103
  11. Volobueva T. V., Sirota V. M., Mastepan S. M., Mastepan M. A – Development of a methodology for taking transportation conditions into account when planning the enterprise's transport processes – P. 104-110