Rules for authors

Only original articles that have not previously been published in other periodicals are accepted for publishing in the magazine. By presenting their manuscript text, the authors guarantee: the absence of plagiarism and other forms of borrowed materials misuse, the correctness of references to all used materials, the authors’ details correctness.

Articles in Ukrainian, German and Russian are accepted for publication. When submitting an article in German or English, authors must concurrently submit an authentic translation into Ukrainian or Russian.

Nota bene: the article total volume should be 10 to 15 pages. For review and analytical articles, a slight increase in pages number is allowed.

To be accepted for publishing, the articles must contain the following necessary elements (of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine Presidium Resolution No. 7-05/1 dated of  15.01.03): general statement of the problem and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications directing towards the problem’s solution and upon which the author relies, highlighting the general problem previously unresolved aspects addressed in the article; statement of this article goals (setting the task); main research material presentation with the obtained scientific results full substantiation; conclusions drawn and prospects for further research in this area.