Design of belt conveyors with expanded functionality

Pasika V. R., Malaschenko V. O., Koruniak P. S.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №1(62)
One of the important and responsible parts of modern production is the industrial vehicles, therefore the success of production in general depends on their properly organized and reliable functioning. The efficiency of vehicles increases significantly due to the possibility of quick reconfiguration of it for another type of material transportation. This feature implements a number of other technological operations, which makes it flexible in use and provides maximum utilization. The main elements of belt conveyors include a load-bearing roller support. Previous studies were conducted in the direction of expanding the possibilities of using belt conveyors. A development on this issue was implemented in the creation of new designs of roller support. Continuing these research, the structural scheme of the bearing support of the belt conveyers was proposed in order to expand their functionality, including the simultaneous transport and mixing of the mixture. This is achieved by changing the shape of the tape in the cross section on the supports of the conveyor using a four-link lever mechanism, on which links they are located. The proposed design supports, changing its position, allows you to manipulate the load on the tape. In the course of kinematic synthesis, a system of three nonlinear trigonometric equations was obtained to determine the geometrical dimensions of the mechanism in which the tape form would have a given look. A simple and accurate engineering approach to the kinematic synthesis of the mechanism for changing the shape of a conveyor belt for mixing the mixture is proposed to avoid numerical solution of the system. Thus, setting the angle of inclination of the roller support with a tape, you can choose a combination of values of the basic dimensions of its mechanism. Using the proposed approach to the design of belt conveyors allows for a number of technological operations with bulk materials during transportation in conditions of limited technical capabilities.
belt conveyors, mixing, bulk materials, kinematic synthesis, lever mechanisms.
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