Physical basis of stability of self-propelled cranes with rigid boom suspension during abrupt removal of cargo

Кolisnyk M. P., Berezyek A. M., Zaits H. V, Shevchenko A. F., Chervonoshtan А. L.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №1(62)
The physical foundations of the stability of self-propelled jib cranes with a rigid suspension of the boom during the sudden cargo removal, that may be during construction, loading or unloading operations in the construction industry are considered in this article. In addition as to the requirements to the "Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of Hoisting Cranes" are provided for the stability calculations of hoisting cranes and have to be carried out, including "... the sudden release of the load ...", which confirms the relevance of the issue. At the same time, the analysis of literature is presented where the questions of the theory of the stability of load-lifting cranes were considered, where the important issues were investigated and the base was various approaches to loading of lifted loads. The purpose of the work is to improve the methods of studying the physical foundations of the stability of the self-propelled cranes with a rigid suspension of the boom during the sudden removal of the load (cargo break), the formation of mathematical models by taking into account the change in the parameters of the design stability schemes of the self-propelled cranes. The main material of the study is represented by calculation schemes with operating factors and taking them into consideration, determination and dynamics of changes in angles: fluid, elastic and critical tilt of the crane, and with the determination of the ratio of the work forces that are containing and overturning. The consistent patterns characterizing the stability of the shown self-propelled cranes are obtained and analyzed, the classifications of the positions of the design schemes are as stable, transitional and unstable. In addition, based on the above-mentioned patterns, stability parameters with numerical values for specific design positions of the crane are determined, and the conclusions are established and justified.
cargo, loading capacity, self-propelled crane, stability, mathematical model, abrupt removal of cargo.
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