Research of influence of structural elements and shapes of lifting gearbox releases on their reliability

Vasilyeva O. E.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №1(62)
The influence of structural elements and modifications of gearboxes of hoisting and transport equipment on their reliability is theoretically and experimentally investigated. The results of research allow us to conclude that reducing the angle of inclination of the teeth increases the operating time of bearings for TV failure, ie to ensure high reliability of bearings in the design process, the angle of inclination of the teeth β transmission to take no more than 10º. Analyzing the obtained results, it can be noted that the modification of the gearbox housing allows to reduce the bending stress of the high-speed shaft by 2,68 times, which in turn increases the number of load cycles. Accordingly, the increase in the TV parameter for the high-speed shaft of the gearbox of the seventh degree of accuracy in accordance with GOST 1643-81 will be 4748 hours. Therefore, the results of this work also allow us to state that in the process of designing gearboxes for lifting and transport equipment special attention should be paid to gears, namely, in order to increase their reliability it is necessary to take larger values ψba of the crown width ratio ψba compared to the recommended limits.
gearbox, lifting and transport equipment, reliability, housing, gears, number of load cycles
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