Development of the method of monitoring the slipping of a complete conveyor coupling tapes

Semenjuk V., Derevianchenko O., Vudvud O., Lingur V.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №1(62)
This article presents some results of developing a method of monitoring the slip of interconnected tapes of a complex conveyor. The presence of slippage causes corresponding failures and downtime. Therefore, the need to monitor the absence or occurrence of this effect is obvious. Conveyors of various types are widely used in modern construction, industry and other areas. A typical example is conveyors as part of a line of automatic assembly. One type of conveyor is one that consists of several interacting tapes - "complex" conveyors. One of the important features of industry level 4 is the creation of new methods and systems for monitoring technological systems and processes, including the use of technical systems. It seems appropriate to develop such systems for modern conveyors. To monitor a complex conveyor on the end surface of its tapes it is suggested to apply markers in advance (for example - in the form of black or colored rectangles), the distance between which is determined depending on the speed of movement of the conveyor and several other factors. Two or more digital cameras are mounted along the conveyor, each of which overlaps the total thickness of both conveyor tapes. It is suggested to periodically record digital images of the tape marker zones of each camera, determine the distance between the markers and compare them. Based on this comparison, a decision is made about the presence or absence of slippage. According to the monitoring, the automatic correction of the relative position of the tapes with the use of their actuators will be performed. If slippage in a system of two connected conveyor tapes occurs gradually - through N duty cycles (cycle: stroke - idle) - it can be tracked by image processing from the first digital camera and confirmed by image processing from the second digital camera
monitoring of technical systems, conveyor tapes slippage, markers, digital cameras, image processing, marker contour selection, marker contour sign detection.
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