Determination of strength three-layer cylindrical shell

Fidrovska N. M., Slepuznikov E. D., Carrier I. A.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №2(63)
In the article consideration strained condition of three layer cylinder design with calculation of energy displacement fill in. In three layer design two outward layer united with help fill in, which have lesser durability as compared with outward layer. Full in securing elastic property of cylinder and work on transmission outward pressure on outward layer and cross-section effort of displacement. Hardness three layer design considerable higher than in unbroken metallic design. Besides that they stand and large loading, which arise in the time of action outward forces. In dependent on modulus elasticity of full in diametrical direction in three layer design can be arise and diametrical strains. In the article consideration the equation change of crookedness separate ring in case when loading on cylinder distribute along one direction and define normal strain in the plan symmetry by x =0. In the time of conduct calculations use hypothesis of absence stretching of rings relative strains in district direction and absence of displacement the middle plan. Was composite expression for potential energy and with help the equation Eyler of the variation problem receive long inhomogeneous differential equation forth power. After decision this equation of analyst method was receive dependence for radial transference, what let possibility to receive district and normal strains in cylinder. Acknowledge the receipt in scientific research decision equation of durability three layer design allow to receive strains in cylinder not only in dependence from geometrical its parameters but and of modulus displacement outward layer, what rise reliable project and exploitation so design and give definite recommendations for use.
cylinder casing; strain; durability; energy of displacement; outward layer; crookedness
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