Transformation of lifting and crane cranes in work

Martovytskyi L. M., Sochava A. I., Glushko V. I., Shanina Z. M., Federyakin І. О.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2020, №3(64)
The constructive and operational preconditions of transformation of special load-lifting cranes with a rigid suspension of cargo into hoisting-and-transport cranes-works are comprehensively investigated. Position-accuracy, structural, functional-cost and dynamic analyzes of the main drives of special bridge-type cranes are carried out. The results of the study allowed us to consider justified the creation of cranes-robots, as well as the retraining of a number of existing special cranes in cranes-robots, provided that they are equipped with automatic control systems. The rather modern concept of combination in the crane-work of the generalized movements from the used controlled drives, as transport, and movements with high accuracy of positioning at the expense of introduction of unprofitable degrees of mobility is offered.
crane-robot, multidisciplinary analysis, positioning accuracy, functional-cost analysis, dynamic researches, positioning accuracy, unprofitable degrees of mobility.
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