The method of enhancing the accuracy of overload protection for the hoisting mechanism of overhead cranes

Semenyuk V. F., Linhur V. M., Vudvud O. M.
Hoisting and transport equipment, 2023, №1(68)
During the operation of overhead cranes, breakdowns of essential crane components often occur due to overload. Therefore, to prevent such breakdowns, overhead cranes are equipped with safety devices to protect against overloads. In the protection system of overhead cranes against overload, it is necessary to provide protection against peak overloads and systematic overloads, ensuring high protection accuracy, which is evaluated by the accuracy coefficient. To determine the accuracy coefficient of overload protection for overhead cranes, the motion of the "crane - limiter - load" system is presented in the form of a signal graph. Dependencies for transfer functions were found by determining dynamic loads acting on the hoisting ropes. A method was developed to enhance the accuracy of protection for overhead cranes against systematic and peak overloads by creating a load-limiting device with quasi-zero stiffness. It is proposed to use a roller transfer mechanism in the design of the load-limiting device, allowing to provide quasi-zero stiffness of the load-limiting device.
accuracy coefficient of overload protection, systematic and peak overloads, transfer functions, quasi-zero stiffness, roller transfer mechanism.
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